Friday, April 3, 2009

Be the "True Illuminati"


What is upon us is not a Recession or even Depression so let us call it what it is.

The Great Restructuring...

In that the SocioEconomic System that exists today...will not survive this decline into Serfdom

We could take our Nation back from the Oligarchs that have stolen it.

We could prosecute these criminals..both inside and outside of the government under the RICO Statutes....because what they have done (and are doing) is by definition....Organized Crime.

We could end the Federal Reserve...a PRIVATE Central Bank and replace it with a System of PUBLIC Banks on both the State and National JFK was moving towards...before these same Oligarchs....Murdered Him.

But as the Noose tightens around the neck of our liberty....What do the American People Cry out for?

Is it liberty? Is it personal freedom?
Is it for a fair and just society for all?

Give us.. "American Idol"
Give us.."Dancing with the Stars"
Our "Beer and Monday Night Football".
Our "Bread and Circuses"

This is how most Americans...maintain their "sanity" if you can call it that....Actively, avoiding reality.

The Masses KNOW that there is something WRONG...
They sense it...

What is most frighting to the people....what they are starting to realize ...That EVERYTHING they KNOW is WRONG.

It falls upon us, You and I to educate the masses,to instruct, and to protect and care for them.

We are the true "Illuminati"....Not these impostors..for if they were truly enlightened...their goal would be for the betterment of Mankind, not it's enslavement.
We who are aware...of how the World REALLY Works,and of the Oligarchs plans for mankind...

are the TRUE "enlightened" ones...

Go and Share, Enlightenment to others

Be "The True Illuminati"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Poor to Turn Over Guns For Food in Dallas

Isn't it interesting that the "Gun Buy Back" seems to target "Minority Groups" over the general population based upon those Media Outlets that are "Sponsoring" the event (97.9 "The Beat" and Univision 23 among others)

Wouldn't this be the same groups that are at the Greatest Risk to be victims of violence thru home invasions?

I tried to obtain an interview with the Mayor's Office, but as of this time,they haven't responded to my request.

A spokesperson for 97.9 "The Beat" stated that "the motivation is to stop the incidence of accidental shooting of children (..It's ALWAYS ABOUT THE CHILDREN...Isn't it)

Based upon their intended goals....Wouldn't it be more cost effective for the City of Dallas to hand out FREE GUN TRIGGER LOCKS ( they could be purchased in bulk for as little as THREE DOLLARS EACH... a "savings" of $47.00 per gun!)

But there arn't any FEDERAL GRANTS FOR THAT.

Full story below

11:09 AM Wed, Feb 25, 2009 | | Yahoo! Buzz
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Your gun for groceries.

That's the goal of a gun buyback from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at Reunion Arena, during which each unloaded, operational firearm surrendered will fetch a $50 Kroger grocery gift card.

People trading in their guns must present identification, city officials say.

"It would be a failure on our part if we do not take an initiative," said Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, who is helping lead the effort.

Event sponsors include Dallas Police, KBFB-FM 97.9 "The Beat," and KSOC-FM 94.5, One-Dallas, Univision 23, Schepps Dairy and Better Dallas Safer Dallas.

Dallas is not using public money to purchase the gift cards, which Kroger is providing at a 30 percent discount to event sponsors, Dallas spokesman Frank Librio said.

Meanwhile, Dallas writer and gun rights advocate Trey Garrison says he may conduct an alternative gun buyback of his own -- with better prices for sellers. He says he'll pay in cash, too.

How much might Garrison spend?

"Depends on what the hardware is," he tells us.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dollar Devaluation or The Next Link in Our Chains of Enslavement

Now that the Federal Reserve is bypassing the Treasury Department and going to "Issue" their own bonds...Devaluation of the Dollar looks like a REAL possibility!

What they will do is to tell the "Sheople" to bring their cash to their bank to exchange their OLD Dollars for New Dollars (or Ameros...whatever) and we will get back $1.00 new Dollar for every $10.00 OLD Dollars (Think of it as "Moving the Decimal Place over to the LEFT one place)

Your $200,000.00 home is NOW $20,000.00 in NEW DOLLARS
Your $2000.00 monthly house payment is NOW $200.00
Your $1200.00 a week income is NOW $120.00
$1.70 a gallon gas is NOW $0.17

The Vipers and Thieves that REALLY run the country...will begin some sort of "Wage & Price" Controls in order to delay the Massive HYPERINFLATION that this will cause.

So why do this?
(1) The good o'l USofA-holes will "Repudiate" all of its debt...Leaving Foreign Investors either with NOTHING (because the Federal Reserve will REFUSE to exchange OLD for NEW Treasury Notes) or exchange at a different ratio (say $1.00 NEW Dollar for every $100.00 in T-Bills)

Enough to refuse to SELL US STUFF...LIKE OIL

(2) This is the BIG ONE... "Wall Street/Bankers" (You know..the Clowns that got the "Bailout") will get THEIR Money exchanged at a DIFFERENT RATIO than the rest of us (try $1.00 NEW Dollar for every $1.00 OLD Dollar) They will use their "New Found Gain" to BUY UP EVERYTHING IN SIGHT

What to do?
Everyone points towards Gold Coins..Pre-1964 Silver Quarters and Dimes (a.k.a "Junk Silver")
Something else to consider....It might be a good idea to have a few hundred OLD Dollars in regular Quarters and Dimes.....It's easy to replace "Bills".....NOT so easy to recall Coins...

Better to buy that 17cent per gallon Gas.....While it lasts...and it won't last long.

Best of Luck to Us All

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Free Trade" Hasn't Worked...Let's Try "Fair Trade"

What the Government REALLY needs to do (after the "Bailout") Press for American EXPORT POLICY that empowers the Car Makers and to sell their products in other countries Not "Free Trade" but "FAIR Trade"

Let's look at Germany as an example..When Mercedes exports a Car, the German Government gives Mercedes an aprox. 20% tax abatement...If GM wants to import a Cadillac into Germany there is a aprox. 20% importation tax...Not exactly a "Level Playing Field" is it? Why don't the FOOLS in Washington do something about this?

For those of you who say that "We cant sell our American Crap...Japan,Korea and Other Countries didn't have the best of products at first.. If the emphisis was on building Cars FOR EXPORT rather than for the North American market only....the quality of American products would be forced to improve

What we do have is a cost advantage...The World is awash in U.S.Dollars... We need The World to buy something with them...other than our Agraculture and Inforstructure

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Disease That Is Fire Rescue

If National Health Care is wrong...Then Fire Rescue is wrong..for the same reason

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The "Fair Tax" Truth

The “Fair Tax” really should be called the “Fraudulently Fair Tax”

A little background..”Fair Tax” has been promoted by a “third tier talk show host” (Neal Boorts) in a series of books…that the originator of this tax proposal (the former chairman of the Harvard Economics Department, Dr. Dale Jorgenson)has stated, that in the form and method Boorts uses..IT WILL NOT WORK.

Dirty Little Lie#1

Dirty Little Lie#2
The Math used in Mr Boorts’ book is, at best, flawed..(if not outright lies)
If you take the figures presented in the books, you get minimum tax of at least 30% not the 23% as represented. (example: 1.7 +1.3=3.0 NOT 2.3)

Dirty Little Lie#3
For the “Fair Tax” to replace our present system of Federal Income Taxation, it would require the Federal Retail Sales Tax (”Fair Tax”) to be at a rate of AT LEAST 44% on any and all purchases (no excemption for Food,Clothing or Housing)

Dirty Little Lie#4
Keep in mind that all existing taxes on the State and Local would not only remain in place, but, they,themselves would be subject to “Fair Tax” if collected in the form of “Fees” like Driver License Fees.

Bottom line..
If you think $4.00 a gallon Milk is expensive, try adding a 44% tax ($5.76 w/tax)